Chron Energy Newslinks | 12.04.09 | Conroe oil field gets the 'green.' Solar plant in space.

• Denbury to use CO2 recovery in Conroe field, will expand ‘green pipeline’ North of Houston.

• Sen. Grassley wants to extend wind tax credit by several years.

• Chevron’s $40 billion Gorgon LNG plant sparks hunt for workers.

• New Venezuelan lease terms don’t totally suck, says Chevron exec.

• Refinery mothballing may actually be improving crack-spreads.

• Europe hopes for its own shale magic.

Scope of U.K. “climategate” investigation outlined.

• Yergin, Hogan expect Copenhagen to just “a process and … a conclusion

• Enhanced Oil Resources closes private placement.

• Shell backs out of Chinese refinery.

• Oil execs see a grim 2010, says BDO survey.

• First space-based solar project gets the go-ahead.