Smaller bonuses at Exxon this year

Exxon Mobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson received a smaller bonus this year — a mere $2.4 million vs. the $4 million last year, according to an SEC filing.
The number of company shares he receives as a bonus remains flat at 225,000 but his annual salary will increase by 7 percent next year, to $2.2 million.
Exxon has said previously that the board sets executive bonuses based on the company’s annual net income and other metrics. Somehow I doubt shareholders are going to complain too much, even with the drop-off in revenue this year, but the FT thinks no revenue drop should be rewarded.
For historic data on Houston’s top-paid execs (Exxon Mobil is not based here despite what many East and Left-Coasters think) check the database from our annual pay survey. The Dallas Morning News executive pay survey seems to be hiding on their Web site today. I’ll put up the link (which should have Exxon’s historic data) when I find it.