Every home a power plant

Massachusetts homeowners are getting in on a deal that Californians have and a number of Texans have been agitating for for years: the ability to sell power they generate at home back to the utility at a premium rate.

It’s called “net metering,” and beginning Tuesday, property owners can submit the applications needed to begin earning credits on their electricity bills if they generate more energy than they need on any given day or week.
To sweeten the deal, the state’s 2008 Green Communities Act requires utility companies to pay their customers for the excess electricity at a retail rate rather than a lower wholesale rate.

American Public Media’s Marketplace radio show had a piece on the Massachusetts deal, too:

Technically, Texas has a net metering law too, but it’s kind of lame and not very smooth, and by no stretch are utilities required to pay you for any power you put back on the grid.