Resent that 'smart meter'? Be glad you're not in the U.K.

Plenty of readers complain to us about having to pay a new monthly fee to CenterPoint for a new digital electric meter they neither asked for nor may see for several years. But in England everyone will be getting digital gas and electric meters in the coming years at a cost ranging from $14.8 billion to $22 billion, says the Daily Mail :

The huge scheme is to be unveiled by Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, as part of a package of measures to cut the nation’s carbon footprint ahead of the climate change summit in Copenhagen.
The Government claims that its estimate of £9billion for the cost would be more than covered by some £11.79 billion in savings.
It is suggested suppliers would save £6.6billion through cutting the thousands of people needed to read meters and man customer call centres.
And householders are predicted to save £3.1billion because, in theory, they would cut consumption once they could see how much electricity and gas they use.