Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.25.08 | HAL can't escape KBR; the new 'Manhattan Project'

Fed energy funds pushing huge shift in U.S. science.

• Interior secretary blasts oil industry’s ‘poison’ attacks.

• Halliburton must remain a defendant in deadly KBR/Iraqi truck convoy suit.

• A drop in work from Pemex could hurt Halliburton’s bottom line.

• China has a new energy headache: natural gas shortages and price spikes.

• California proposes its own cap-and-trade program.

Renewable energy costs will drop in ’09.

• Electric cars still cleaner than gas even if powered by coal plants.

• BP still pushing billions into renewables, with an emphasis on U.S. wind, India/China solar and Brazil biomas.

• Texas town of Dish asks five gas producers to stop because of smell.

• Shell expects big boost from Qatar gas projects.

Project turns CO2 into a fuel.