Chesapeake's gonna play Sun City

Looks like “America’s Natural Gas Leader”, Chesapeake Energy, is aiming to become “Africa’s Natural Gas Leader.”
Chesapeake is joining integrated energy firm Sasol and Statoil in applying for onshore petroleum exploration rights in South Africa.
Sasol, which is leading the charge, said the proposed exploration effort will be focused on finding shale gas resources in the Karoo Basin in the central region of South Africa.

“The Karoo Basin in South Africa has unproved shale gas potential and significant exploration efforts are required to assess this prospective resource,” Sasol said in its press release.

Tudor Pickering notes that in that basin other operators “have drilled 20+ coalbed methane tests since 2008 and in 1968 an unstimulated well tested dry gas at 1.84mmcf/d from the Ecca Group shales.”
And in typical TPH fasion, they announce a faux reunion of 1980’s band Toto with backing by E&P companies, including:

“CHK (South Africa shale), APC and Tullow (Ghana), APA (Egypt) with T-shirts subsidized by ENI (Uganda, Congo). Tickets will only cost $5 for first 20 rows, $3 for rest of seats and free on the lawn. What they aren’t telling you is that they will play only one song – Africa – and they’ll play it 25 times before anyone is allowed to leave.