Pa. residents sue Cabot Oil for fouled drinking water

Houston’s Cabot Oil & Gas is facing a civil lawsuit from Pennsylvania residents who say natural gas drilling near their homes contaminated their drinking water with toxins from the drilling fluid and methane.
According to an article from ProPublica:

“The civil case, filed Thursday in U.S District Court in Scranton, Pa., seeks to stop future drilling in the Marcellus Shale by Cabot Oil and Gas near the town of Dimock.
It also seeks to set up a trust fund to cover medical treatment for residents who say they have been sickened by pollutants. Health problems listed in the complaint include neurological and gastrointestinal illnesses; the complaint also alleges that at least one person’s blood tests show toxic levels of the same metals found in the contaminated water.

Cabot responded by saying its activities “are heavily regulated” by Pennsylvania officials and state and federal laws and that the company recently entered into a consent degree with state officials to address past concerns:

“Cabot continues to cooperate with the DEP to ensure protection of residents and their property,” said Dan O. Dinges, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “While we respect the right of any resident to seek a judicial solution for a legitimate issue, we see no merit in these claims and are disappointed that these citizens felt it necessary to proceed in this fashion. We do not believe this matter will impact our continuing operations in the area.”

The civil complaint is below. The items blackened-out (by the court, it seems) are the names of the plaintiffs’ minor children.
Cabot Oil Nat Gas Drilling Lawsuit