Oncor's consolation prize

Oncor, the local power grid operator for much of North Texas, missed out on the big federal grants for smart grid projects earlier this fall, but it did get a smaller $7.3 million grant today.
According to the Dallas Morning News:

Oncor won Tuesday’s grant for its $7.3 million Dynamic Line Rating Project. Surely the project is sexier than the name or the Department of Energy’s description:
Dynamic Line Rating Project – Demonstrate the use of Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) monitoring technology to reduce transmission-line congestion and increase the carrying capacity of the transmission lines. The data and results from the demonstration project will help better understand DLR technologies, so that transmission systems can be utilized to their full capacity, decreasing congestion and deferring upgrades and additionaconstruction.

Other winners of the grants in Texas are Houston’s Pecan Street Project (which we’ve written about in the past), and Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies.