Want stimulus cash with a new fridge? Wait 'til next year

Texans will soon be able to tap into $23.3 million in new appliance rebates, but access to those federal stimulus funds probably won’t be opened until the New Year.

french20door20refrigerator Embrace me! (After Christmas, that is).

The Federal “cash for clunker appliance” program (referred to as “State Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program” by the Department of Energy) was announced in July as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. About $300 million will be spread throughout all 56 states and territories through rebates as a way to both encourage new purchases and to greater home energy efficiency.
The programs will be administered through state energy conservation offices, meaning programs are likely to differ from state to state.
So far Texas officials aren’t sharing details of the program until they work out some details with the Feds, according to a spokeswoman in the State Energy Conservation Office. That means it may not be until after Thanksgiving we have the details and early 2010 before the program kicks in.
Louisiana officials are also holding back details, but California already has much of its plan spelled out
The California rebates will be $100 for washers, $75 for refrigerators and $50 for room air conditioners. Appliances must be purchased between April 22 and May 30, unless money runs out sooner. Each household can get only one rebate on each type of appliance, and the new appliance must replace an appliance in working condition that will have to be recycled.
Current plans in Florida have the program running for about 10 days in April 2010 to coincide with the Earth Day events. Washington’s program may occur closer to February of next year.
Here’s more info on federal tax incentives for home efficiency projects, a site where you can search for rebates by zip code, and a bunch of energy calculators and other tools to help you figure out how much energy and money you can save.