Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.19.09 | Valero makes money with ethanol. Save the trees, save the world.

Ethanol is producing a profit for Valero

• Corn ethanol maker Poet says it could compete with gasoline in two years.

• More warnings to the Senate about too much OTC trading restrictions.

• Companies cutting back North Slope operations for 2010.

Marathon makes a “small discovery” in Norway’s part of the North Sea.

Qatar to build $9.8 billion plants in China, Vietnam .

• You know ‘smart meters’ are mainstream when your parents get one.

Seeking the ‘holy grail’: a solution to storing wind power.

• California approves new standards on energy-hungry TVs.

• Same story, three headlines: “Western forests response to climate change”; “Ancient Bristlecone Pines Enjoying Global Warming”; “Tree growth spurt ‘is climate change smoking gun’“: Which would you read first?

• Saving the rainforests takes a huge chunk out of CO2 emissions.