You know it's a good business when the mob moves in

Italian investigators have arrested two business men for fraud in connection with wind energy projects:

“Anti-mafia prosecutors in Sicily also have launched a parallel investigation, reports the Financial Times.
Local officials, Mafia crime gangs and entrepreneurs have been tied together in schemes for fixing permits for wind farms that were constructed with local subsidies, then sold to foreign firms, according to an earlier Financial Times article.”

One of the men arrested is also tied to one of the former investors in the Cape Wind project off Nantucket island.
Oreste Vigorito, head of IVPC, “once owned IVPC with Brian Caffyn, founder of Cape Wind and First Wind, according to the Boston Herald. Caffyn sold his interest in Cape Wind in 2002 and sold his interest in IVPC in 2005. Vigorito has never had any involvement in Cape Wind, according to Mark Rodgers, Communications Director for the Cape Wind project.”