Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.18.09 | Texas/China wind deal comes with a factory. Is Copenhagen really dead?

One in 12 of the world’s oil tankers used to store oil rather than move it.

• U.S. power companies turn to China’s energy sector for access to cash, gear and technology.

More details on U.S./China energy agreements.

• Big Chinese-backed wind project in Texas will include U.S. manufacturing site.

• U.K. regulator slaps Regal Petroleum with a $1 million fine for misleading statements about oil well potential.

• Petrobas and BG plan massive offshore natural gas liquefaction facility.

• Some counterpoints to CERA’s “no peak oil until at least 2030” report.

• Industry-backed study says oil spills in Arctic waters may be easier to clean-up.

• Some other news outlets catch on to shale skeptic Art Berman’s story.

• Even the SEC falls short on internal audits, like keeping the EDGAR database secure.

• Were reports of Copenhagen summit’s death greatly exaggerated?