Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.17.09 | Devon as an Exxon snack? Even Yergin blames the dollar.

• $75 to $80 dollars per barrel is “a satisfactory price for oil” OPEC’s president says.

• Oil prices moving due to financial markets, not supply/demand, says Yergin.

• Dutch cabinet approves tax based on miles driven.

• Seante appears to be betting on nuclear as the key to passing climate change legislation.

• Frontier Oil’s Wyoming refinery will fight a $7 million EPA fine.

• Another Russian/Ukrainian natural gas crisis seems to be in the making, despite efforts by the EU to head it off.

• Shale gas drilling has insulated NW Louisiana from recession, says economist.

• Port of Los Angeles exports were up in October for the first time this year, thanks to as Chinese consumers.

• Devon to offload international, GOM assets and focus on domestic, onshore. Maybe that makes them look like a tastier treat to the likes of Exxon?