Maryland joins the drilling bandwagon

The boom in natural gas drilling is making itself heard in Maryland for the first time as Tulsa, Ok.-based Samson Resources Co. has filed permits to drill in four locations in Garrett County, Md., according to
Drilling in the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania and New York is well underway, as evidenced by the organized resistance that’s popping up from environmental groups et al.
There’s a growing sensitivity in the industry to the water use issues being raised with hydraulic fracturing. While the industry generally argues fracturing hasn’t created widespread water quality issues, it is responding to public concerns though such efforts as the American Petroleum Institute’s new guidelines for fracturing, and efforts by Schlumberger to recycle fracturing fluids and cut back the amount of water used.
But the concern over water use by gas drillers started even before gas companies showed up in Pennsylvania, New York and other states not used to being part of the energy industry, notes Robert Hutchinson at TheHaynesvillePlay blog:

“Gary Hanson, Director of the LSU-Shreveport Red River Watershed Management Institute, declared that there’s been “a paradigm shift in the past few months in how the industry looks at water and it started here.” Hanson noted that most of the big Haynesville producers, at least in Louisiana, have been using surface water or other alternatives to underground aquifers, including pond water, water piped from the Red River or various forms of recycled water, in the hydraulic fracturing process.