Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.16.09| Higher taxes in Texas? An unsoliticited bid for Valero.

• Perry opposes senator’s suggestion to raise gas tax.

• Valero urges shareholders to reject unsolicited mini-tender offer by TRC Capital.

• Renewable power industry in search of ‘The Holy Grail’: storage. Fed stimulus funds to be announced this month hope to help.

• South Korea emerges as an unexpected contender in global nuclear-power plant construction.

• Chesapeake Energy expects to pump additional billions into Barnett Shale.

• Rig reports from the Barnett shale, East Texas and the Haynesville.

• U.S. may back more tepid interim agreement at Copenhagen, put off real committments until 2010.

Shell wants gloves off in carbon trading system.

• Good effort for Christopher Booker’s manual for climate change sceptics, but’s a lot of bunk, says Philip Ball.

• India defends its view that climate change policy shouldn’t stifle its economic development.

• The FT presents reader Q&A with the IEA’s Fatih Briol.

Collapsed brine well threatens New Mexico town.

• Oil industry wants changes to tax code to encourage North Sea exploration.