Reliant and Nissan want to make Houston electric vehicle Nirvana

nissan_leaf_trio Nissan is trying to lay the groundwork for its LEAF when it’s rolled out next year.

Houston-based electric retailer Reliant Energy and Japanese car maker Nissan will make Houston a launch city for the broader use of electric vehicles by pushing to influence public policy and building-out public electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
According to a release from the companies:

As part of the agreement, Reliant will develop a plan to install and operate public charging stations, initially focused in Houston. In addition, Reliant will work to develop a comprehensive set of electricity services geared to supporting electric vehicles, including home charging equipment.

Reliant and Nissan plan to have the systems in place for the commercial launch of Nissan’s new plug-in, the LEAF, in late 2010.
This is all very similar to what we wrote about today with the work of Plug-In Texas.

“Reliant has already introduced smart electricity for homeowners, allowing them to better manage consumption and cost with tools such as digital meters,” Jason Few, President of Reliant Energy, said in a statement. “By adding a robust charging network and services dedicated to electric vehicles, we will be able to offer a viable alternative to fossil-fuel powered transportation, taking advantage of Texas’ leadership in zero-carbon power generation.”

It’s worth noting NRG Energy, Reliant’s parent company, is also a member of The Electrification Coalition, which has its big kick-off on Monday.