Peak oiler to IEA: 'just tell us the truth'

Some may have called the claims into question, but others continue to wonder if the International Energy Agency really has caved in to pressure from the U.S. to downplay a looming oil crisis:

“There are always folks who are glad to tell us what we want to hear,” says Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute and author of books including “Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines. “Indeed, the presentation of plausible excuses for the denial of serious problems offers an attractive career track. Prominent oil optimists like Daniel Yergin and Michael C. Lynch find open doors at the New York Times and other major media outlets, and wealthy clients for their consulting services, because they reassure markets that all will be well.
Nevertheless, denial leads to complacency, not problem-solving. And the end of cheap, abundant oil is a problem that could cripple the global economy not just for another year or two, but more or less permanently.”

Heinberg’s plea to the IEA is that it will “publicly release accurate data prior to the 7. December 2009 start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.”