KBR gets its foot in the door

Houston-based KBR won a contract for work on Train 2 and Train 3 of Woodside’s Pluto Liquefied Natural Gas project near Karratha in Western Australia.
Why does this matter? First, KBR does more than just U.S. government work that gets people angry. Second, these massive LNG projects in that part of the world play a big part in how global energy demands are met.
And, third, as the folks at Tudor Pickering note: “Front End Engineering Development studies are lifeblood of E&Cs [engineering and construction firms] …lays groundwork to win ultimate contract. KBR one of two FEED study winners for Woodside’s Pluto LNG Train 2 / 3 project. Customer setting up a horserace for final contract.”
The “other horse” is a joint venture of Worley Parsons/Foster Wheeler (incumbents who engineered Train 1). All three have plenty of Houston workers but I’d bet this work will be done mainly by gearheads in Australia.