U.S. threatening IEA on oil data? Maybe not.

Earlier this week the Guardian (U.K.) wrote about unnamed sources in the International Energy Agency claiming the U.S. government had pressured them to downplay data showing oil supplies running short. The Financial Times has raised its eyebrows at the claims.
In particular the piece calls out one of the claims from the Guardian’s supposed whistleblowers:

“And the Americans fear the end of oil supremacy because it would threaten their power over access to oil resources.”

The US is a net importer of oil and its own oil production is pretty much universally agreed to have peaked. Non-Opec oil supply is also due to peak – according to the IEA’s own report – by 2010, meaning the US will be increasingly dependent on other countries.
So, the allegation is that the US has been talking up future oil production prospects to make it look like it will be more dependent on Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iran and Venezuela? It all sounds very odd….