Chron Energy Newslinks | 11.11.09 | Exxon's China-based optimism, IEA's pessimism

• Exxon’s new $5 billion Fujian, China refinery, set for dedication today, is a strong contrast to withering U.S. refining markets. Economides notes it’s the result of a unique trio of companies.

• Texas leads the nation in the construction of energy efficient homes.

• Despite tougher environmental rules surrounding its operations, Cabot confident gas production in Pa. will increase.

• Company again cited for poor operation of Barnett shale water disposal well.

• Natural gas message is everywhere in D.C.

• In defense of the coal industry’s children’s coloring book.

• Shell will join Tullow Oil in exploring French Guiana.

A non-petroleum-based plastic? Apparently new Ford Mustang owners are on top of this.

New demands from those countries on the front lines of climate change (namely poor ones on the ocean).

• The ‘solar panels that pay for themselves’ are actually coming out of another ratepayers pocket.

• Peak oiler is surprised story of U.S. pressure on on International Energy Admin not out sooner, calls U.S. energy official “one of the world’s most dangerous people.”

• The IEA World Oil Report may underestimate how people react to higher prices, says LEX.