Crunchy candy or gas driller?

We were doing some double-takes in the newsroom Monday when we spotted this press release headline:
“Halliburton Investor Relations Kicks Off its 20th Year”
The oilfield service giant doesn’t usually wave a big banner saying ‘look at me!’ As a matter of fact they try hard to keep a low profile (unless it’s OTC week) particularly given the rough go of it they had because of the government contract work its former subsidiary, KBR, does.
Turns out this is the investor relations agency known as Halliburton, which is now going by HIR. The Dallas firm is apparently a pretty good place to work.
Another name change this month comes from the folks at Goober Drilling, an onshore drilling company based in Stillwater, Okla. The new name? Keen Energy Services.

Keen Energy Services, with 38 drilling rigs as well as trucks, cranes, loaders, dozers and other construction equipment currently used to transport rigs and build drilling sites, plans to expand into new markets and increase its offerings of other related services.
“We’ve experienced dramatic growth and upgrades in equipment and technology in recent years that have positioned us to expand into new markets,” said Jacob. “To accomplish this, we felt it was important to give the company an identity that adequately reflects who we are and what we have to offer.”

Personally I always thought a Goober was the yin to a Raisinette’s yang.