Cobra to Viper: a snake changes its skin

Cobra Oil & Gas Co., the Houston E&P that we’ve written about previously, is changing its name because it’s too much like that of a Wichita Falls firm.

Cobra Oil & Gas Company has changed its name to Viper Resources, Inc. effective November 5, 2009 and in conjunction with the name change has changed its trading symbol on the OTC Bulletin Board to VPRS.
The name and symbol changes were made to resolve a name conflict with an unrelated Texas corporation which operates as Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation. Viper Resources, Inc. will continue to operate in the same business and same manner as it operated when it was Cobra Oil & Gas Company.
Viper Resources, Inc. is currently undergoing a website update and will retain until the site is current.

Strangely enough Max Pozzoni shows up as a vice president for Falcon Natural Gas Corp., another pink sheet company, when one searches for him on switchboard. That firm is subject to some SEC administrative action.
We’re not the only ones who noticed some unusual things about Cobra/Viper.