Storm may threaten oil output. Really?

Looks stormy, says AccuWeather.

It’s a bit ironic that we go through one of the quietest Gulf hurricane seasons in years with very little storm-related curtailment of oil and gas production, yet today we get this news from AccuWeather:

State College, Pa. — 6 November 2009 —’s reports two storms are stirring up weather in the Gulf of Mexico that will affect the production of the energy industry beginning Saturday and continuing into Monday.
Tropical Storm Ida will come north and be in the Gulf of Mexico by Monday, while a second storm located in the southern Gulf could become a tropical system late this weekend as well.
“This is going to be a three-day problem at the least,” said Expert Senior Meteorologist and Tropical Long-Range Forecaster Joe Bastardi. “Seas 15-20 feet and a 200-mile wide area of strong gale-force winds 40 to 50 mph will mean a likely disruption of normal oil production operations in the northwest Gulf this weekend.”

Here’s SciGuy’s take on the storm.
I have yet to see any notices of shut-ins but that could still be in the works.