Another LNG milestone at Sabine Pass

Cheniere Energy’s Sabine Pass liquified natural gas terminal captures a second superlative with the arrival of new shipment of LNG this week.

al_garraffa_at_sabine_pass The Al Gharrafa, seen here in 2008, is a bigger ship than the Murwab, but it wasn’t carrying a full shipment.(Chronicle)

With a total capacity of 209,000 cubic meters, the tanker Murwab isn’t the largest LNG tanker to call on a U.S. port. The Al Gharrafa, with a capacity of 216,000 cubic meters, holds that distinction when it became the first shipment at Cheniere’s terminal in June 2008.
The Al Gharrafa wasn’t completely full, however, and off-loaded only 2.9 billion cubic feet. (I’m not exactly sure why the industry talks about tanker capacity in cubic meters but switches to cubic feet once in storage. Anyone want to explain that?)
The Murwab is filled to the brim, says Steve Johnson of Waterborne Energy, a Houston firm that tracks LNG traffic around the world. It will be unloading 4.5 bcf to the terminal for Chevron.