The late oilman Alfred C. Glassell Jr.: competent or not?

Chron reporter Mary Flood writes today about the battle over the estate of the late oilman and philanthropist Alfred Glassell in today’s Chronicle.
Was he “a feeble 90-year-old writing a 2003 will while drifting in and out of competency and bending to the pressures of lawyers and others” as attorneys for his 52-year-old daughter describe him?
Or was he more robust mentally, as depicted in a video “throwing the ceremonial first pitch at an Astros game three weeks before he wrote the 2003 will” and in “2008 photos of him with shotgun in hand at his ranch,” as his son, Glassell’s widow and others claim?
The son is represented by David Gerger, he of “get-Jamie-Olis’-sentence-reduced” and “wow-that’s-a-pretty-sweet-deal-Andy-Fastow-got” fame. The daughter is represented by Jack Lawter and others.
What’s at stake? Some $600 million left behind by the founder of the Transcontinental Pipeline Co., aka Transco, which is owned by Williams.