The climate change bill gets 'School House Rock'-ed

And just in time for today’s sessions in the Senate… O.K., this isn’t really done by the same folks who brought you Conjunction Junction and The Shot Heard ‘Round the world. Rather it’s from Friends of the Earth and they’re not trying to be neutral. And you probably don’t want small kids (or uptight co-workers) to hear the few PG-13+ words.

I’d be curious to see any similar animated efforts that are against the climate change bill. Let us know if you see any.
Here’s the original, which really does a pretty good job of getting the big picture across (although I’m sure there are few Congressmen these days who really do the writing of the bills).
This is another of my favorites, on electricity, but this one confused me for a while when I was really young. I thought they were saying “get your ‘f-words’ here,” instead of ‘adverbs.”