Introducing the Baker Institute's energy blog

We’re adding a third guest blog to our energy lineup here at the Chronicle, with Energy Boost, which will be written by members of the Energy Forum at Rice University’s Baker Institute.
A description of the forum in their own words:

The Energy Forum of the James A. Baker III Institute of Rice University is a multi-faceted program designed to promote original, forward looking discussion and research on the energy related challenges facing our society in the 21st century. The mission of the Energy Forum is to shed light on important trends –both regional and global– that shape the nature of global energy markets and influence the quantity and security of vital supplies needed to fuel world economic growth and prosperity and to improve the understanding of the complex political, cultural, religious, economic and social forces that influence open access to energy resources and their equitable distribution.

The first entry on EnergyBoost is on the link between oil and the dollar, a link that I know some readers won’t agree with. I give you a two-sentence teaser:

“So next time you want to blame someone for the high price of gasoline, don’t be calling out Big Oil. Obama isn’t holding any $15,000-a-plate dinners here in Houston.

EnergyBoost will join Flatt Out Environmental (by Victor Flatt, an environmental law professor at the University of North Carolina and the University of Houston Law Center and Global Energy Management Institute) and Energy (Geo)-Politics (authored by Michael Economides, a UH professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).
We’ll be adding other guest bloggers in the near future (and will have them all located together on a redesigned energy home page) so stay tuned.