Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.22.09 | CEO warnings and another platform for Perry

Total CEO’s warning: invest now or oil might not be plentiful in 2010

Lower future oil prices bullish? Probably not.

Rice and Alberta team up on oil sands technology research.

• O&G software firm fined for “doing business with the enemy.”

Hutchison et al push for Atlantic/Pacific drilling, protesters ask Interior to kill offshore drilling plan.

• Today’s Texas climate change summit a big platform for Perry and pretty heavy with climate change opponents. Getting more than a day’s notice it was happening would have been nice, too.

Urgency underlines today’s NY climate talks but public enthusians wanes.

Still a gap between rich and poor nations on climate change, but U.N. climate chief says China will take a leading role.

A market solution (meaning use of overseas offset projects) key to global warming solution.