Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.21.09 | Big corn crop and China as climate change leader?

Huge corn crop helps ethanol argue its case.

How BP propane trader case went wrong.

Clean energy draws investor interest in Houston: a Q&A with Brad Burke.

Russian oil exports called unsustainable.

Last few weeks were bad news for “peak oilers.”

Rule change makes it harder for Texas homeowners to know if they own mineral rights.

Why TransCanada pipeline off North Slope will keep moving even in a gas glut.

News on Yucca Mountain replacement coming “soon.”

A breakdown of the oil industry’s $72 billion in subsidies.

Obama to start stumping for climate change this week.

California may cut the plug on energy-guzzling TVs.

China could actually lead the charge in reducing greenhouse gases by 2020.

Really big kites could power New York City.