Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.17.09 | BP is 'Back to Petroleum' and forget Yucca Mountain

Little agreement on South Texas nuclear expansion in San Antonio forum.

Forget Yucca Mountain or reprocessing, make nuke plant towns the home to long-term storage sites.

• Chavez says Chinese will invest $16 billion to increase Venezuelan production.

Low gas prices won’t stop Marcellus shale drilling.

EPA may abandon Bush-era smog standards as too lax.

• Oil and gas royalties to the government to be a cash-only business.

African discovery pumps up Anadarko.

Strong interest in Norway’s offshore lease sale.

Schlumberger to build large research facility in Rio.

Oil demand forecasts revisions in a picture.

• Tullow (same guys in on the Anadarko offshore Africa find) make a big oil discovery in Uganda.

• Well-written climate law better than EPA regulation, say AEP chairman.

BP = ‘Back to Petroleum’ as it sells its India wind business.

China’s plan to rule the sun.

• San Diego a hotbed of algae to oil efforts.