Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.15.09 | An anti-gouging law breakdown? Smitty gets a nod.

• Gorgon gets the final go-ahead.

• MMS is ill-equipped to collect on millions in oil and gas royalty payments.

• Did anti-gouging laws make South Carolina’s gasoline shortage worse?

• Oil falls on expectation of 26-year-high in fuel stockpiles.

• Are oil majors wise to keep ignoring U.S. shale gas?

• One stock picker doubts on the “endless oil” argument that follows big discoveries.

• Suzlon CEO says U.S. wind business has bottomed-out.

“Danish wind study” a lot of BS says NRDC.

Grid overhaul must happen, with or without climate bill, says FERC chair.

Carbon offset scandals abound, but one study suggests the short-term focus shoudn’t be so narrow.

• Cap-and-trade: great for acid rain, but is it right for CO2 asks NPR.

• Is nuclear a renewable? Maybe it is to Arnold.

• Valero and Texas meat processor to partner on biodiesel project.

Fluor partners on $638 million Pemex project.

• CFTC commissioner wants broader enforcement powers. Must be tough being just another acronym in the alphabet soup.

“Smitty” gets recognized for Texas environment work.