Sept. 13: déjà vu all over again

We wrote this weekend about how Houston’s electric grid is pretty much the same as it was a year ago when Hurricane Ike slapped the city around: No massive burial of power lines (this study repeats what’s been said in the past: too costly), smart grid technology is coming eventually (part of the city’s wish-list).

hand_crank_ice_cream When the power went out Sunday we decided to break-out the hand-crank ice cream maker. Not a bad way to pass a temporary blackout.

As if to commemorate the occasion of Ike’ anniversary one year ago Sunday our Astrodome-area neighborhood greeted the early morning hours of Sept. 13 just as we did a year ago: powerless.
Granted the 5-hour outage was better than the 15 days we went without last year, but it wasn’t great. Coincidentally (or not?) the in-laws were visiting this time, too.