From Ingleside to Angola

A little late, but it’s worth noting Chevron’s announcement of first oil at the Tombua Landana platform off the coast of Angola earlier this week had a few local ties:

The underside of the Tombua-Landana leaves Ingleside, Texas for offshore Angola last fall (Photo courtesy of Chevron).

Parts of the structure were built in Channelview and Ingleside here as well as Houma, La. Chevron also augmented training for the Angola crew at its Employee Resource Training Center in Lafayette, La., Angolan members of the Tombua Landana project visited Gulf of Mexico offshore platforms to learn more about the production process. Here’s a brief, company-produced video on the project:
The $3.8 billion project is in relatively shallow water compared to many projects in the Gulf of Mexico these days (1,200 feet) and is expected to achieve peak production of 100,000 barrels per day by 2011. Recoverable resources for the project are estimated at 350 million barrels. The natural gas produced from the project will be commercialized at the Angola Liquefied Natural Gas project currently being constructed in Soyo, Angola.
This is Chevron’s third deepwater development in Angola, which started with development and production from the Landana North reservoir in 2006.
And just to put the field in perspective with other recent finds, the field was first discovered in 1997– so that was 9 years from discovery to production.