Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.09.09 -.10 | Nukes in the climate bill, a rare stumble for Exxon?

Dueling drilling plans grapple in Congress.

Exxon may not make its production goals for the year.

New captain takes the helm of Pemex, but is it too late, given the ongoing declines?

Canadian gas producer files for Chapter 11, citing price drop.

Welcome to the new age of the Arctic Sea.

China making the energy moves U.S. political system can’t, says Friedman.

OPEC keeps the status quo on output.

Schlumberger’s Gould see more consolidation in oilfield services.

FMC acquires Direct Drive for $120 million.

Valero’s woes as sign of a fly in economic recovery ointment.

Does CFTC activism empower OPEC?

Conoco/BP gas pipeline starts to look at Canadian section of route</a.

Exxon makes headway at Point Thompson.

Baker Hughes expects modest NA growth.

Why is Congress so apathetic about natural gas?

Senate climate bill will include nuclear incentives. Wil Kay Bailey get on board?

Climate bill benefits will outweigh costs in long-term says NYU brief.

Oil and gas industry really, really important, says study, so climate change legislation must die.

Dump cap-and-trade, go with carbon tax, says editorial board.

U.S. firm goes big with Chinese solar deal.

Iberdrola to step up U.S. wind investment with bond sale.