Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.08.09 | BP's bid for bomber, Senate 'not ready'

• New CFTC trader reports “like a match in a cave” shedding light on a little. Swap dealers played a larger role than some expected.

• Murkowski says Senate not ready on climate change debate: “If we get mired down with health care for a couple of months, it may be December before we get to climate change.”

BP lobbied U.K. to free Lockerbie bomber. A Scottish official in the case has a brother in the energy industry.

Patterson takes on Exxon in well sabotage lawsuit.

• What can the U.K.’s coal vs. natural gas battles of the past tell us about the same fight in the U.S.?

• Don’t let the crash in natural gas spot prices fool you.

• IEA predicts 1.4 to 1.7 million barrel increase in global oil consumption next year.

• Matt Simmons says Yergin, Jaffe et al get it all wrong on oil’s 150th birthday.

• The world needs China’s oil demand and the dollars that come with it.

• Offshore Florida drilling advocates well funded.

• Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia in oil production.