Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.04.09 | Software shenanigans, renewables top nukes.

• Hedge funds are hot-and-cold with Houston’s RRI (the power plant business that was part of Reliant Energy).

• Oil-trading software used to manipulate market, feds claim.

• Enviro groups sue to block Alberta to Gulf Coast crude pipeline.

Small surge of LNG imports coming to Gulf terminals in coming weeks.

• Natural gas price decline bad for industry but good for consumers.

• BP shuts gas-to-liquids project in Alaska, but says it proved natural gas can be made into diesel, jet fuel outside the lab.

• Regency raised $80m to buy back 5 percent stake in Haynesville JV.

Death of Canada’s tar sands was greatly exaggerated.

• From the depths of the DOE monthly review: renewables generate more than nuclear.

• Solar works financially… if you’re in Austin.

• TEPPCO downstream VP resigns.

• A behind-the-scenes look at EPA’s fuel efficiency ratings.

• The China/India balancing act on the road to Copenhagen.

“Clean coal” in China could be massively expensive.