The electric car community gets political

No one will mistake the Houston Electric Auto Association for the big auto industry lobby, but the group of local “clean energy” enthusiasts has decided to get involved in the upcoming mayoral election.
Club president Dale Brooks (who owns several electric vehicles currently) personally asked the candidates 25 identical questions and scored them on each. The somewhat lengthy questionnaire is below, but the endorsement went to Annise Parker:

“Annise Parker was most knowledgeable of the candidates and enthusiastically signed the pledge for timely action…(100 days), on renewable energy and e-cars for Citizens and City accounts. She has personally driven a hybrid electric for several years and maintains a zero carbon electric account at home. She scored the highest of the four candidates.”

And while candidate Roy Morales “was not convinced that climate change is being influenced by human activity” he still got the group’s second place endorsement because “he possessed a very positive attitude towards encouraging information and actions to lower family, City pollution and carbon footprints.”
Brooks’ questionnaire is here: Download file
Mayoral Candidate Endorsements by HEAA 8 27 09