Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.03.09 | Do state regulators want you to pay more for power?

• Duke Energy leaves “clean coal” group due to aggressive tactics.

BP’s Tiber prospect another test of deepwater Gulf’s potential. It also helps BP’s longterm outlook, which has had a rough run in recent years.

•The 3.6 billion barrel find in India that Shell missed.

• Oil line from Canada to Gulf another chance for a TransCanada/Enbridge rumble.

• Refiners get ready for a return in demand.

• State regulators actually prefer higher residential electric rates, says study.

• Can Twitter save you electricity?

• New book “The Impact of Climate Change on Texas” available free online. Apparently ebooks are the greener way to go, too.

Counterpoints to the “Spanish study” that say renewables kill jobs grows.

• Can the ETFs ride out the CFTC changes?