Don't like Waxman-Markey? Just wait until EPA regulates CO2

Victor Flatt of our new guest blog Flatt Out Environmental notes it’s no coincidence the EPA is moving ahead with plans to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from large sources, such as power plants.
Competing attention from the health care overhaul and yesterday’s news the Senate is pushing back the release of its own climate change bill seems to be threatening passage of a bill this year. So the EPA is ready to step up and fill the gap:

“While the EPA is ultimately thinking of some kind of trading system for regulation, there will be no offset provisions to reduce the costs. So Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn may bemoan the impact of Waxman-Markey on Texas, but they don’t note that the alternative regulatory agenda might be more expensive.”

Add Flatt’s blog to your watch list, as well as our other guest blogger, Michael Economides at Energy (Geo)-Politics.