Chron Energy Newslinks | 09.02.09 | U.S. production up, Rice prof says there's a missing link

• U.S. oil output to increase for first time in more than a decade. BP and others may be lining up another deepwater Gulf find to keep it up.

• Baker Hughes/BJ deal a bet on natural gas rebound.

• Saudis to grant $6.9 billion in gas development projects.

North Sea exploration suffers with little bank lending.

Deutsche Bank drops oil notes, making it the first exchange traded fund to drop out ahead of new CFTC news. (FT)

• CFTC commissioner explains why trade limits needed. Pirrong disagrees.

Largest utility battery to be installed in West Texas.

• Michael Lynch responds to critics of his “no peak oil” article, and apparently his friends have a $5k bet with Matt Simmons? One peak oil advocate says last July was the top of production.

Oil revenue isn’t enough for Mexico, says S&P. Brazil needs to keep corrupt oil cash spending in check.

• NRG applies for funds for “clean coal” project south of Houston.

• U.K. panel says “geoengineering” to improve climate is technically feasible.

Agricultural industry split on climate change bill benefits.

• Rice prof’s study says a piece of puzzle still missing in climate change analysis.