Hutchison preaching to the choir on climate bill * update*

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison will be making at stop at The Hurt Co. here in town today to talk about the likely impact of the Waxman-Markey bill (or whatever it becomes in the Senate) on such companies.
There’s not a lot of serious debate over the issue in Houston, which will no doubt be heavily impacted by a bill if it’s passed. And it’s not like there’s any doubt the Sen Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry are on the same page. But unlike Perry she may actually have to face a vote on the bill, one that could be significantly different from what is being demonized now.
Are there any changes to this bill she’d be willing to consider? We’ll let you know what she says later today.
Sen. Hutchison took a brief tour of Hurt Co., which distributes lubricants and fuel to refineries and other businesses in the area, before talking to a group of around 30 of the company’s 85 employees.
She described the climate change bill as potentially “disastrous” to the refining industry and related business, like Hurt, because of the added costs it would add to refined oil products. She also called it equivelant to “unilateral disarmament” because other nations would not lower thier CO2 emissions at the same time at the U.S.
The Senate is writing up its own version of the bill, which should be out of committee by the middle of this month, she said, but given the Democratic majority the best bet for stopping it would be on the Senate floor. While that’s her goal she also talked of trying to get amendments added to soften the blow, specifically one to expand the amount of loan guarentees available to new nuclear power plants from the current $18 billion by $50 billion.
“We don’t know what’s going to be on the Senate bill but there will be a number of amendments that we will put forward that will mitigate the damage to refineries,” she said, but beyond mentioning hope for carbon capture and sequestration projects and the nuclear power loan support, she didn’t have much to add.