Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.28.09 | Regular, unleaded or seedless?

• NRG’s David Crane on energy policy: think globally, act regionally.

• College Station company wants to put a watermelon in your car’s gas tank.

• Energy exec to lead Port of Houston. Alec Dreyer was with Horizon Wind and Dynegy, on boards of “smart grid” tech and carbon-credits firms.

• UT’s Henry Hu may be named to head SEC risk office.

• Natural gas goes lower. Feels like we’ve had this same story for a few weeks in a row, no? Sounds like time to start planning for a comeback.

• Qatari Opec minister says now isn’t the time to change production quota.

• Violence may threaten Iraqi oil auction in November.

• Speculators dominate oil markets, says Rice study.

• CFTC’s revised report on speculators may be too-much-information.

• How some celebrated oil’s 150th anniversary. Wired says “thanks for civilization, see you later.” Other observations here, and here.

• Germany goes big on solar, not so big on CO2 cuts.

• Flying to Europe? Get ready to pay for those CO2 credits come 2012.

• Conoco alum publishes how-to manual for industrial carbon storage.

• A compiliation of opinions on whether healthcare debate will leave climate bill off the table this year.

• No, Greenpeace did not predict ice-free arctic by 2030.

• Why the power industry was quick to get on-board with Waxman-Markey.