Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.27.09 | Happy birthday oil, clunkers deals for the kitchen

• “Cash for clunkers” comes to your kitchen with incentives to replace inefficient appliances.

• Production costs rise as natural gas prices sag, say NAPE attendees.

Canadian natural gas may hit $1, already below $2.

• Valero closes Aruba refinery, halts search of overseas acquisitions.

• A brief history of oil on its 150th birthday. Big party in Titusville today.

• Plastic bag ban in China will cut oil use by 3 million tons per day.

• China’s No. 3 oil producers sees profits down 55 percent.

• Summer’s over: U.S. gasoline use dips.

• Houston’s Cavallo Energy in $20 million solar power project in Mojave Desert.

• Clayton Williams abadons So. La. Liger exploratory well.

• Russia plans $2 trillion in energy infrastructure investments.