Introducing energy blogger Victor Flatt

We’re adding a second person to our lineup of guest energy bloggers here at the Chronicle, introducing Victor Flatt, an environmental law professor at the University of North Carolina (formerly with the University of Houston Law Center) and a Scholar of Carbon Markets and Carbon Trading for UH’s Global Energy Management Institute.

Law professor and Chronicle guest energy blogger Victor Flatt.

His blog, Flatt Out Environmental will “explore policies and laws addressing the issue of climate change in the United States and around the world, leading up to the International Conference in Copenhagen in December,” where Flatt will be blogging directly. He will also comment on related energy and environmental issues.
Professor Flatt is joining our other guest blogger, Michael Economides, a UH professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering who started his Energy (Geo)-Politics blog for us last month. His most recent entry is on the pressure China is feeling to stop subsidizing energy for its people.
Flatt and Economides will provide a bit of contrast to each other on the climate change legislation topic (no steel-cage match planned yet) but from interviewing them both I know they also share a certain pragmatism. I hope you’ll include both of them on your RSS feeds or bookmark them for regular visits.
We’ll be adding other guest bloggers in the near future (and will have them all located together on a soon-to-be-redesigned energy home page) so stay tuned.