Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.21.09 | A stumble in Alaska, an indictment in Houston

• Growing natural gas inventory drives prices below $3. So is it time to buy in? It can still go lower, to $2, say some traders.

• Could filing delay be the first sign of trouble for BP/Conoco’s Alaskan natural gas pipeline?

• U.S. commodity regulators tighten international oversight. Here’s the FT’s take.

• This week’s GOM lease sale may have been shallow, but BP continues to go deep.

• Houston grand jury indicts two oil tanker crewmen for dumping off Texas coast.

• Florida Power & Light expects typical customer bill to be lowest in four years.

Dynegy EVP Eimer to retire, Lednicky steps up.

ATP wins patent competitionwith “ram-type tensioner assembly with accumulators.” Now say that ten times, fast.

• 25,000 sign up for coal industry-fronted worker rally in West Virginia.

• Supporters, opponents of climate change bill rally in Greensboro, N.C. today.

• U.S. energy policy sends mixed messages.

StatoilHydro tells the U.N. a thing or two about carbon.

• Duke Energy will help China clean up its coal industry.

• Energy efficiency moves take new heights.