Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.20.09 | Lame lease sales and burning oil tankers.

• Gulf lease sale generates $115 million, which is actually not that much.

• Don’t worry about dropping Latin America imports, Gulf coast refiners, the Deepwater and Canada have your back.

Oil back over $72 after large storage drawdown.

• Mixed economic news, or even good news with a caveat, means oil will be below $100.

Allen Brooks on the crude disconnect.

• Norweigan firm still waiting for the first check from Iraqi oil ministry.

Groups sue Chevron Phillips plant over emissions, including benzene. Same envrionmentalists got a settlement from Shell over its Deer Park plant last year.

• Chevron dealt a setback in Ecuador environmental case when judge fines local counsel.

• Will there be an OPEC for Lithium, the key battery component?

• The Blue Green Alliance, a counterpoint to Energy Citizens, starts its green jobs event tour this week. One argument in their favor: green jobs tend to be safer.

• Natural gas industry decides it wants a piece of the Waxman-Markey pie. Coal industry did a better job of getting its voice heard in the bill, such as continuing to grandfather old power plants.

• Seven in U.K. arrested over avoiding to pay carbon credit taxes.

• Germany aims for 1 million electric cars by 2020.

Oil tanker ablaze near Taiwan after collision.

• Pemex in search of contractors for 200 wells.

• With death penalties for polluters, is China ready for a “green revolution”?