Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.19.09 | The Energy Citizen rally through many eyes

• Different views on the same Energy Citizen event: API’s blog says the capacity event rocked as “Harry Alford… nearly brought the house down.” The Financial Times notes it was “an orderly crowd” that turned out as industry tried to “put a human face on its lobbying effort against climate change legislation.” The New York Times stressed the industry’s role in the event, calling the rally “as much a celebration of oil’s traditional role in the Texas way of life as it was a political protest against Washington’s energy policies.” And the Chronicle’s story noted that speakers were light on details about the law or alternatives, sticking instead with a ‘just say no’ message.

• The Energy Citizen/Astroturf claims are nothing compared to the ones facing coal companies: a lobbying firm sent a dozen fake letters to Congreesmen saying they were with groups opposed to climate change laws.

• Lower fuel demand could hit Gulf Coast refineries hard.

• Hey! Here’s a green job.

• Turner and T. Boone say natural gas as a transportation fuel is key. Jim Hackett of Anadarko said the same thing to us.

• Matt Simmons wonders if nat gas ETF is a bubble about to burst. The Energy & Capital folks do a quick technical on the oil ETF versus a basket of oil-related firms.

• Wal-Mart’s “sustainability consortium” is a bit like Linux, say its main architects.

• Western Gulf lease sale results to be opened today. The preliminary results are here.

• China’s coal usage will continue to haunt entire climate debate. The Brookings Institute asks if there’s any leverage point for getting India on board with lower GHGs.

• Is wind going to be natural gas’ long-time enemy in Texas.

• France gets set for carbon tax on fuels, pump prices likely to jump.

• U2 takes the hit for world tour’s carbon footprint.