Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.18.09 | Oil 'double-tops,' protests call for full-stop

Industry rallies against climate-change laws kick-off here today. But others think there’s only one question to ask on the issue: Do you feel lucky?

• Natural gas futures hit seven year lows on Monday. Why, it’s enough to make a certain natural gas fund consider packing overseas. But maybe natural gas reserves are actually overstated, if one looks at how even projections of quick declines in the Barnett Shale have been optimistic.

• Why do some oil traders think oil will stay down for a while now? Because of a double-top, of course.

• Four Dem senators want to pull cap-and-trade out of the energy bill for now.

• Bill McKibben trys to get developing nations to cut back on GHGs.

Exxon calls for a carbon tax… in Australia.

• Carbon capture and storage: it’s not just for coal plants, say U.K. execs.

Transocean CEO Long plans to retire early.

Ecuador signs $1 billion oil deal with China, just the latest stop on China’s buying binge.

University of Aberdeen launches oil engineering degree.