E&P industry yawning (so far) at Ana and Bill

The oil and gas industry is keeping an eye on the new hurricane developments in the Atlantic but it’s far too early for any real action, according to companies we spoke with today. Firms either have their own staff meterologists or contract out to several different companies, but the general feeling seems to be these storms won’t come anywhere near the Western Gulf where most of the drilling and production activity is located.
The many storm update sites haven’t even batted a digital eye at Ana or Bill as of early afternoon. Shell and Chevron have their new Twitter feeds ready.
But offshore driller Transocean has parked its Transocean Marianas semi-semersible rig in Galveston for the next month and a half in part to keep the equipment out of the way for what is typically the height of the Gulf Hurricane Season.
The unit is “hot stacked”, says company spokesman Guy Cantwell, meaning most of the crew is with the rig so that it is ready when it return to service when the peak season has passed. The rig will be earning a majority of its dayrate during that time, however.