Chron Energy Newslinks | 08.16.09 | Rifts on both sides of the climate-bill debate?

Oil down in early European trading due to worries of a slow recovery, but stockpiles are so good that a hurricane shouldn’t be much cause for concern. In any case oil will remain more expensive than a pizza at the Cowboys’ stadium.

EnergyCitizen rallies may not have all the companies on board, the FT finds, despite the orchestration by API. And in the Senate some Dems are suggesting dropping cap-and-trade portion of the energy bill for now.

• Mexican oil smuggling into the U.S. has been going on for years, say investigators. The Chairman of one a Houston firm’s parent company tied to the smugglingis arrested for stock fraud.

New electric bill rules aim to protect Texas customers.

Chesapeake wells and earthquakes linked? Could be, says scientist, giving folks another reason to be ticked at Aubrey McClendon.

• Landrieau keeps pushing offshore drilling east, to Florida.

• Vessel operator behind massive 2007 oil spill in San Francisco harbor to pay $10 million.

• Petrobras profit is down 12 percent.

• Solar panels are cheaper and more plentiful, making profits are not so hot for solar industry.